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The following new 2024 trips are open for booking beginning January 5th, according to the status levels listed below. *Amazon and Machu Picchu Discovery: April 14-26, 2024 *Japan – the Rising Sun: May 12-24, 2024 *Portugal and the Douro River: Sept 20 – 29, 2024 *Jewels of Vietnam and Cambodia: Oct 31 – Nov 12, 2024 These new 2024 vacations open for booking, as follows: Platinum Alumni (5 or more previous trips): Thursday, January 5th Gold & Silver Alumni (1-4 previous trips): Friday, January 6th OPEN TO ALL: Mon, Jan 9 Sales open at the following time on all dates: 7am PT/8am MT/ 9am CT/10am ET More trips including Tuscany the Loire River and others will be announced in February and beyond...

The best way to ensure you get your preferred vacation and category is to contact us . Simply click the "Contact Us" button, and leave your Name, E-mail and Message there.Our staff will contact you once we receive your request.

Brand G's portfolio might be limited by geographic focus and business model, some agencies might focus on luxury travel, others on budget travel, or specific regions, and that will affect the choices of ship lines and hotels.

There are many different types of safaris in Africa, each with their own unique characteristics and experiences. Some of the most popular types of safaris include: Game drives: These safaris take place in a vehicle and allow visitors to see a variety of wildlife, including big game such as lions, elephants, and rhinos. These safaris usually take place in National Parks and Game Reserves. Walking safaris: These safaris take place on foot and offer a more intimate and adventurous experience with nature. It also allows visitors to get closer to the wildlife and to explore the area more in depth. Photo safaris: These safaris are designed for photographers and focus on capturing the beauty of Africa's wildlife and landscapes. They usually have professional photographers as guides to help visitors take the best shots. ...and so on.It is also worth noting that there are also different regions which might have different safari experiences like East, South, West and North Africa which offer different landscapes, cultures, and wildlife opportunities.

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