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Celebrate in These Gay-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

Even though it’s become refreshingly commonplace to see LGBTQ travelers canoodling on airplanes, cruise ships, and tropical beaches, proudly strolling hand-in-hand, it can be even more relaxing to visit particularly gay-friendly destinations. Be it a peaceful respite in wine country or an energized adventure in the mountains, these are the best places in the US to book right now for your honeymoon or romantic getaway with your sweetheart.

Slow down and raise a celebratory glass of vino in Napa Valley, California

As euphoric as wedding days are, they fly by in a blur. That’s what makes a calm, quiet destination like Napa such a fitting finale after the nuptials. Situated in tranquil northern California, a state famed for its liberal politics, Napa is the postcard-perfect destination you deserve — one where the sight of lush, rolling vineyards is a soothing balm for the soul. Hundreds of world-class wineries call this region home, many of which sport castle-sized chateaus for tasting rooms, intimate wine cellars, or bucolic farmhouses fit for a fairy tale. No matter your level of wine expertise, winemakers in Napa are endlessly inviting and unpretentious, happy to guide you and your beau on a tour through the vineyards, or through a flight of vino. Napa also boasts many charming inns that scream romance, like Auberge du Soleil or the fittingly posh Chateau de Vie, along with endless elegant dining options where you’ll feel right at home popping a bottle of bubbly to celebrate your special getaway.

Dine on fondue for two and plenty of champagne in Vail, Colorado

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better honeymoon hotel than one that stocks a Champagne vending machine in the lobby. The Grand Hyatt Vail, situated along a babbling creek in the adorably chic town of Vail, brings the right kind of pomp and circumstance needed for a lavish honeymoon in the picturesque mountains. Not only is the hotel fittingly decadent, it’s also a particularly queer-friendly brand that works with organizations like GLAAD. So you can rest easy knowing that your money spent on the most expensive vending machine you’ve ever used is going to a good. Vail is a pastoral dreamscape for nature-lovers and foodies, especially those who like fondue at romantic institutions like Swiss Chalet restaurant. In both its architecture and food scene, Vail is modeled after Bavarian mountain towns, meaning ridiculously cozy and cute restaurants seemingly designed for romantic honeymoon feasts. My favorite, Almresi, is a rustic haunt outfitted with homey dark wood tones and antler chandeliers, where bubbling cheese fondue and apple strudel are primed for sharing.

Get romantic with fresh lobster and ocean views in Maine

New England in general has long been a pioneer for LGBTQ rights. While Maine doesn’t attract the same gay-friendly fame as Provincetown, its quaint beach towns and charming lodges make it a deserving honeymoon destination where you can slow down, breathe in some sea air, and share a lobster roll together, Lady and the Tramp-style. From York Beach to Old Orchard, and Kennebunkport to Kittery, the state’s seaside towns exude romance and relaxation, not to mention high-quality independent restaurants and comfy inns. If you’ve got the time, drive up to Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor and catch the sunrise atop Cadillac Mountain, the first point in the US to see sunlight each day. There’s gotta be a romantic metaphor in there somewhere.

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