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Olivia Programs

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Group Travel

Gather your friends – whether they live in another state or just around the corner – and earn exciting group discounts!

Solo Traveler

Solos Program

You may be traveling solo, but you’re never alone on an Olivia vacation! Our Solos Coordinators make it easy for you to make new friends or even find that special someone.

Solo Traveler
Solo Traveler
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Gen-O And Friends

New to our large cruise and resort vacations, is our Gen-O program. With hundreds and sometimes more than a thousand lesbians and LGBTQ+ women on a trip, it’s sometimes hard to find each other. Our goal is to create a space where you can connect with other guests age 40 and under. Whether it’s meeting up at pool games, connecting for pre-dinner cocktails or singing karaoke, we want our younger Olivians to have the time of their life!
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Sisters At Sea And Sisters At Play

Women Of Color And Friends

An Olivia trip is an opportunity to connect with the wonderful spectrum of lesbians and LGBTQ+ women. On Olivia’s large cruises and resorts, together with our Sisters Coordinators, we create a space for all women of color and their friends to meet, hang out and share stories. From talent shows, to spoken word performances, dance parties and group lunches, you are sure to find many opportunities to connect with your sisters.
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Women In Uniform

At Olivia, we honor and appreciate the lesbian and LGBTQ+ women in our community who are serving or have served in the armed forces; or serve and protect as a uniformed public service employee. Take part in our Women in Uniform meetups and share stories. Partners and friends are always welcome to join you.
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OWLs (Older, Wiser, Lesbians)

We celebrate our elders by creating special events so that you can connect, share stories and forge new friendships.
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Specific Needs

At Olivia, we are committed to providing amazing vacation experiences for all guests with disabilities and/or specific needs.
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