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Atlantis Room Share Guidelines and Advice   The Atlantis Room Share program is a service designed to allow our guests traveling solo to purchase half a stateroom to share with another guest. It is important that both guests respect one another and follow some general and simple guidelines in order to foster a friendly environment during your vacation. These guidelines are designed to ensure that all guests participating in the program understand both how the program works and how to make the experience a wonderful one for themselves and new roommate. *Eligibility   Atlantis provides a room match on a smoking/non-smoking preference basis only. We do not take any other factors into account in offering a match and are not able to take requests of any type.   Guests participating in the program must be able to travel on their own without assistance and not require any type of service that would be a disruption to the other guest in the stateroom. Guests who use CPAP machines or other noise generating devices at night are not eligible to participate in the room share program.   Roommate assignments are done exclusively by Atlantis staff and once made are final and may not be changed. Room changes are not allowed for any reason and no exceptions will be made.   Should a guest be determined by Atlantis staff to be ineligible onboard or decide not to participate onboard in the room share program, they will be liable for the full cost of a single stateroom in the category booked, if available.

Guidelines for a Great Vacation   New friendships are one of the most treasured parts of the Atlantis experience, and meeting a new roommate is a great place to start. We’d like to make the following suggestions that may help guests in our room share program feel comfortable as you begin this experience together.   • Although it may seem obvious, please introduce yourself when you arrive. A brief conversation about who you are and where you are from is always a great start.   • Take a few minutes upon arrival to discuss your sleep and bathroom habits, wake-up alarms, closet space allocation, and general room setup. If you discuss mutual expectations early, you’ll avoid potential problems later.   • Always treat each other with respect, thoughtfulness, and kindness. That care should apply to each other’s personal property, space, and time.   • Be considerate. Treat your roommate as you wish to be treated.   • You don’t have to be best friends (although this happens) but consider inviting one another to some of the initial activities and some of our single guest events.

Resolving Problems or Issues   If at any time you feel your rights are not being considered, please attempt to resolve the issue together. A simple, direct, and courteous conversation where both people’s needs are heard can resolve most issues. Atlantis is unable to accommodate requests to change roommates or rooms. Therefore, it is up to both of you to resolve any conflicts you may encounter.   If you feel you cannot resolve a problem mutually, please contact the Atlantis desk onboard and we will do our best to intervene on behalf of both parties.

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